My great joy is working on large canvases where I feel free to impulsively and rapidly move the paint around to capture the atmosphere I am looking to achieve.

Although I use brushes and palette knives, often I apply the acrylics with other suitable materials which may be to hand. This enhances the feeling of originality in the work I am undertaking as the paint is manipulated experimentally across the picture surface.  Striving towards an unrestrained rhythm in the final artwork is particularly liberating – such a result of course can be elusive at times, when the unexpected triggers a radical change of idea and direction!  The use of mixed media to create different textures also presents similar and exciting challenges, and the discoveries I make seldom fail to surprise and stimulate me.

Inspiration comes from many sources.  The drama and unpredictability of the natural world particularly appeals; and the Scilly Isles and Cornwall have been a lifelong influence with their wild rugged coastlines and quality of light.  I am also intrigued by the interaction and vitality within crowds; their raw energy, colourfulness and volatility arouse a curiosity and exhilaration difficult to ignore.

Andrea Scott